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应该是What is

the teacher (whom the girl is talking ) is leaving for japan next sunday 答案 : C

STAR 469 古川伊织

句子语法有误,应是: I want to be a japanese teacher. 翻译成中文是:我想当一名日本教师。 to is不是一个正确的表达语句。正确的应该是to be, (或者是 to become) 相关短语学习: Want to be 网络 想成为; 想当; 想要成为; 想要; 想成为一名...

对于处于青春的我们老说,我们通常会译为:来自日本的大奶教师 Damn, forgive my rudeness.



My teacher My English teacher is pretty. She is tall, with black eyes and long black hair. She is kind to her students but strict with us all. She is like a mother to us. If someone does feel well, she will take you to the hosp...


选D.因为有the only的限制。没有only的话,B也可以眩这是规定。

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