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it is my great honour to give a speech here

It is my hornor to be here today. I am honored to stand here today. honored adj. 光荣的;荣幸的 v. honor的过去式和过去分词 The honor is the repayment for your efforts. 这个荣誉是你努力的结果。 He is the soul of honor. 他是荣誉...

很荣幸能站在这里演讲 It's my great honor to stand here and give a speech 英 [spi:tʃ] 美 [spitʃ] n. 演说,演讲,发言; 说话,谈话,说话能力或方式; (乐器的)音,音色; 方言,民族语言;

I am honored to be here today to show you

翻译如下 我很荣幸的站在这里 I'm honored to be here

it is a great honour to have an opportunity of stduying here.

I'm greatly honored to be here. It is my great honor to be here.

English translation, to introduce myself Leaders, students, teachers, everybody is good, very honored to stand here today, below let me introduce myself first. My name is XXX, from guizhou guiyang. Everyone has seen advertising...

It's my great honor to stand here to introduce myself to (all of) you.来自李阳英语哦,呵呵,我背过这句话

我很荣幸的站在这里 I am honored to stand here 重点词汇释义 荣幸pleasure; honour; be honoured 在这里here

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